A Scout is Thrifty: A Protocol for Purchasing Items for Pack 621

  1. Most Pack events have already been scheduled and are on the calendar. With this in mind, please note when events are taking place, what items you will need, and by when you will need items.
  2. At minimum, two weeks prior to when you will need an item is the amount of time you should submit a request for funds from the pack. This request should be made via the form linked to the website www.pack621peabody.com
  3. *what the item is
    *what the item is needed for
    *where you plan on getting the item
    *how many of the item you will need
    *any associated shipping costs or taxes (we have access to Amazon Prime accounts so this is a preferred method of shopping) In general, shipping costs should be kept to a minimum
    *any coupon/discount codes
  4. Within 48 hours, either the Treasurer, Cubmaster, or Committee Chair will respond to your request. The plan is to never deny anyone a request, however there may be a request to research a more cost effective means to get an item. Via email you will receive either an approval or an alternate plan.
  5. The pack would like to avoid re-imbursements to personal accounts if necessary. It is much easier to have a more honest sense of the funds available to the pack if they are accounted for regularly. For this reason it is preferred to use the pack debit cards or  Pack checks to pay for an item.
  6. We will not reimburse expenses if this protocol is not followed correctly.